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Missional Coaching

What is missional coaching about?

Presentation1The vision of the ‘Regenerating the Church’ strategy is of a Presbytery culture that embraces and nurtures new models (or fresh expressions) of Church. However, for new models to be developed and grow, there needs to be direct support for the long term. This is what provides the strategy with sustainability. Missional coaching is one of the key supports that the Presbytery offers leaders for the long term, as they explore new ways of being Church. Coaching is not about expecting people to be different kinds of leaders, but to nurture and strengthen the gifts and ministries they already have, and to help them respond to the particular vision and challenges of their context. Coaching also keeps in mind that the development of new missional models of Church often takes a number of years, hence long term support is needed.


Coaching has several key purposes: • To grow missional leaders • To support leaders to grow as disciples, and to seek a deepening spirituality • To support leaders to develop fresh expressions of Church in their context • To provide leaders with long term support, resource and accountability.

The huddle community

images-2The main focus of missional coaching is not a congregation or place of ministry, but missional leaders. A missional coach facilitates a ‘huddle’ community, that is, a small group of missional leaders from a variety of congregations or places of ministry. The coach will meet regularly with the leaders, and they will grow together as a community of disciples at mission. The missional leaders will in turn develop and lead a missional community of people with a sense of call to mission in their own context.

Areas of focus

Presentation2Missional coaching may focus on particular areas such as: Identifying my gifts and discerning team roles/Discerning and sharing a vision/Forming a mission team/Developing a mission plan/Life balance/Key stages of mission development/Leadership/Managing change

Download the Missional Coaching Information Sheet here.


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