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What are Models

Navionics_Pineapple_TeamSometimes it's hard to imagine something that is valiantly being described to you, until you see it for yourself. Take for instanceĀ the old example of trying to describe a pineapple to an Eskimo who has always livedĀ on the arctic tundra. In the same way, fresh expressions or new ways of being Church is a new set of ideas. Whilst much can be read and taught about them, seeing examples in action can provide both insight and inspiration. For these reasons, we have included on our site here, examples or models of new ways of being Church in Port Phillip West Presbytery.

If you hover your mouse over one of the models, it will tell you where or what this model is. If you have a vision as a Christian community about a new way of being Church, or if you are having a go at developing or running one, please feel free to add it to our site. Just go to 'Register your model or vision of Church' on the front page and add to the growing knowledge base. You will then see it added to our 'Maps' section that shows the spread of fresh expressions of Church in our Presbytery.